About Us

PAX Spices & Labs Inc., is a Southern California based importer, manufacturer’s rep and  wholesale distributor for Exotic and Aromatic Spices, Herbs, Oleoresins, Essential Oils, Natural  Colors and more. PAX has now entered into a joint venture partnership with the world’s  largest manufacturer and exporter of Spice Oleoresins and Essential Oils. With its  headquarters in Covina, CA and a Sales & Distribution Office in Schaumburg, IL PAX has the  capabilities to service its customers on the West Coast, South, Midwest and East Coast of the US.


PAX’s capability to offer Oleoresins and Essential Oils has come as good news to the  food, pharmaceutical, flavor and fragrance industries. Starting its origins as a conventional  spice company, PAX has now expanded its wings to emerge as a dominant “One Stop Shop”  ingredient supplier and is poised to set the benchmark on the global stage for excellence in  Spices and Oleoresins. The product range now also includes a wide variety of products that  focus on plant-derived ingredients for flavor and fragrance solutions.                                                                                                                                                                   


PAX has a distinct competitive edge to assist customers to choose and determine the  correct ingredients suitable to meet the needs of their products. In doing so, PAX has gained  the capability to provide custom-tailored spice products to meet customer specifications and  has enabled us to become and emerging powerhouse in the ingredient industry. 


Since its inception, PAX has continued to offer its customers the best available quality of products to meet their expected desires and thereby also continues to have the highest regard for food safety and quality management. That being said, all of our standard products are  either ETO treated or Steam sterilized. This makes PAX one of the few companies in the USA  that service customers with both Conventional and Organic Spices. Drawing to the attention of our Organic line, all of our Organic spices are certified  and are a 100% Organic and Natural  and supporting documents will be provided to our prospective customers. 


All of our suppliers have unique manufacturing and processing centers with technical  sophistication, expanded capacity and well developed R&D departments. This enables our  products to be manufactured and processed by vendors with food safety certifications and  accreditations (please see our certifications page for a list of vendor and PAX certifications).


PAX’s main motto is “QUALITY IN QUANTITY” and therefore it has been our focus to  provide the best products with value enhancing, visual and flavor appealing characteristics.  These attributes in combination make food and even more enjoyable experience and adds to  its comforting satisfaction.


PAX Spices & Labs Inc is dedicated to our customers and their needs, so give us a call and let us see what PAX Spices & Labs Inc can do for you!

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." -- Henry Ford

Service Team at PAX

"'Ensuring that our customers receive the best possible service is our main focus and goal here at PAX ."


- Pilar P.

"Food safety standards and quality control measures that we have in place  allow us to provide the best products."


- Agnes T.

Warehouse Manager
Seasoning Specialist

"Our partnerships with logistics companies as well as having our own trucks allow  deliveries to be on time!"


- Biju A.