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Quality In Quantity. Pax Spices.

The Highest Caliber of Spices At Any Scale.

Pax uses the highest quality of whole, milled, crushed, and ground all-natural organic spices, which are thoroughly cleaned and sterilized through an effective process of ETO & steam.

The resin of essential oils that lengthens shelf life, maximizes flavor profiles, and provides cost savings.

Our organic essential oils are known for their ability to remain consistent after they’re extracted oils from spices. Can safely be used for fragrances, beverage flavoring, and wellness remedies.

All-natural plant-based colors that are safe for consumers and used for both food and beverage applications.

Non-alcoholic, liquid flavoring that is spray-dried for tea premix applications.

Our Mission

Pax Spices has made it our mission to pioneer a new way of providing high-quality ingredients for the consumers. Our one-stop-shop provides seasoning, flavor, and health remedies all in one convenient location.


We offer the highest level of customer care because we want to provide innovative solutions in the ingredient industry and offer all who purchase from us a rewarding and wholesome experience with a company that they can trust.


About Us

We’re bringing flavors from the east - to your plate.

PAX Spices & Labs Inc., is a Southern California-based importer, manufacturer’s rep, and wholesale distributor for exotic and aromatic spices, herbs, oleoresins, essential oils, natural colors, and more. Our venture partnership gives us the distinct advance of sourcing high-quality ingredients and creating the safest and most premier products in the nation. This, along with our Covina, CA, headquarters, makes PAX uniquely equipped to serve customers on the west coast, and all across the United States with the finest ingredients available.

PAX’s capability to offer Oleoresins and Essential Oils to the food, pharmaceutical, flavor, and fragrance industries has made us a leader in the industry. We began as a conventional spice company but are rapidly expanding into the go-to ingredient supplier for Spices and oleoresins. Our dedication to excellence is what’s made Pax a global success, and our array of products made from plant-derived ingredients bring enhanced flavor and health benefits to the consumer. We are one of the few companies in America that supply consumers with 100%, certified organic all-natural spices.

Our Products Line

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