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About Us

PAX Spices & Labs Inc., is a Southern California-based importer, manufacturer’s rep, and wholesale distributor for exotic and aromatic spices, herbs, oleoresins, essential oils, natural colors, and more. Our venture partnership gives us the distinct advance of sourcing high-quality ingredients and creating the safest and most premier products in the nation. This, along with our Covina, CA, headquarters, makes PAX uniquely equipped to serve customers on the west coast, and all across the United States with the finest ingredients available.


PAX’s capability to offer Oleoresins and Essential Oils to the food, pharmaceutical, flavor, and fragrance industries has made us a leader in the industry. We began as a conventional spice company but are rapidly expanding into the go-to ingredient supplier for Spices and oleoresins. Our dedication to excellence is what’s made Pax a global success, and our array of products made from plant-derived ingredients bring enhanced flavor and health benefits to the consumer. We are one of the few companies in America that supply consumers with 100%, certified organic all-natural spices.

We also offer customers the chance to customize the ingredients of their products, and Pax partners with them to assist in determining which ingredients work best. Our custom-tailored spice products allow customers to design, create and sell the very best version of their products, and in doing so, have made Pax an emerging powerhouse in the industry.

Unwavering in our mission for excellence, Pax Spices & Labs Inc. set the standards for food safety, quality management, and customer satisfaction. We are highly regarded as one of the most trusted ingredient manufacturers and distributors with a consistently excellent rating as an SQF-certified facility. Our suppliers also reflect these principles by providing technical sophistication, expanded capacity, and highly developed R&D departments for all manufacturing and processing centers. We take pride in working with vendors who hold the highest food safety certifications, accreditations, and foreign supplier verification program standards.


Our main motto is Quality In Quantity because we believe no matter the scale, the products must remain consistent in visual characteristics and flavor profiles. It’s these aspects of Pax Spices that make our products so satisfying and give consumers a truly enjoyable culinary experience.

PAX Spices & Labs Inc is dedicated to providing world-class customer service for all your ingredient needs. Call today and discover what new heights you can reach when you partner with Pax!

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